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"A value priced blend of size and performance"


The M-300 is a workhorse laser platform made extremely popular because of its standard table size, compatibility with up to 50 watt lasers and its compatibility with the most popular accessories including the rotary fixture for glassware and the cutting table for improved laser cutting. Now, for slightly more money, you may consider the higher speed and expanded power and accessory offering of the same size M-360.

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Available Accessories:

Industry Standard 24"x12" Work Area
Cross-Platform Compatibility With All ULS Air-Cooled Quick Change Laser Cartridges™ (Patented)
10-50 Watt Rapid Reconfiguration Capability™ (Patented)
RACER™ Motion Technology for Faster Job Processing
Auto Focus and Red Dot Pointer standard

Coaxial Air Assist with Optics Protection (Non-Computer Controlled)
Cutting Table
Focusing Lens Kits
Rotary Fixture
USB & Ethernet Connection Kits
Product Advantages:
Platform Benefits
Laser Cartridge Benefits
Mechanical Benefits
Print Driver & Computer Interface Benefits
Accessory Benefits
Warranty & Support Benefits
Training & System Configuration Tools


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